Thursday, April 30, 2009

little things

I think the big things are what blogs are about.
All those stories and moments that stand out above everything else.

A forum I post on had a thread about all the little things today.
It made me really happy to read all the things people said and have those "oh yeah moments"
This list is mostly mine - but I stole a couple...

the first day of winter - the one that pulls the breath out of your chest
the smell of fresh cut grass
towels fresh out of the dryer
snail mail & packages
hearing a song you love - after you forgot about it
the sound of rain
uncertainty & butterflies
high fives & secret handshakes
long conversations
old photo albums
a good beer
10 consecutive cracks of all my knuckles
hard copies of cds with good art
stories from strangers
traveling for music 
the common thread at a concert
laughing so hard i cry
waking up to realize you still have hours to sleep
the rush of meeting someone in an airport
learning and growing and realizing it
when a song matches exactly how you feel
driving with the windows down
big sunglasses
thrift stores & estate sales
finishing each-others sentences
chick flick marathons with tough girls
bookstores, books, stories, words
my grandma singing
good tattoos, funny tattoos, tattoos that tell stories
making memories - realizing you wont forget this moment.

Monday, April 27, 2009

mustache party?

So Friday was a mess but I had a blast.
It looks like it turned into a bit of a mustache party.
Caitlin is 22.
Aaron is 24.
There is a baby rat living in the room down the hall.
I think that may have been one of the best parties we have had.
Except I ended up with bronchitis.

I spent the rest of the weekend in bed watching grey's and feeling sorry for myself.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

life is so good

I had the best weekend EVER in arizona.
I cleared my mind.
I hung out in sunshine and 90 degree weather.
I saw astronautalis and bluebird yet again.
I hung out with two of my favorite people in the entire world for 4 days.
I got this tattoo on my arm a week or so ago.
I love it.
I will be getting this tatto0ed on my arm in the next month or so.
Jamee whipped this little lady up in abut a half hour.
She is amazing.
I can not wait.


less then two weeks....

I am so excited for this....

The lead character is a 13-year-old foreign exchange student sent to live with a suburban, white, middle-class family. Oh, and they're Christians. The visit is for six months, and he's one of a dozen similar kids, all shipped to America to live with typical families. The secret truth is that Pygmy is a terrorist, trained since infancy in martial arts, chemistry and radical hatred of the United States. He has six months to build a prize-winning project for the National Science Fair. If he succeeds, he and his project will go to Washington, D.C. for the finals competition -- where the project will explode, killing millions. So far, Gerry Howard says it's the best book I've done. Fingers crossed for luck. - chuck palahniuk