Monday, March 29, 2010

Just going to put this on the table...

I've been thinking a lot about sexism, and feminism a lot lately. And noticing some really bizarre patterns in my life that I guess I was a bit blind to until this point.

This weekend, I took my dad out to dinner. We went to a "sports bar" he diggs chicken wings he's a southerner after all. While waiting to get seated I put my name on the list, and stepped aside; had a bit of a wait. I was told how long it would be and that my name would be called when a table was ready. Standing near the host booth, I observed the way the man treated everyone in line after me. They were all male, and he asked each of them if they were there to eat, or for the fight. Now I am a girl, there with my dad, but I was the only one in the entire 45 minute period that was not asked if I was there for the fight. I was only there to hang with my pops and eat, but I still found it to be a bit rude that I was not asked. I'm not being sensitive here, I know most females don't enjoy this stuff but I do know plenty who do. When the majority of patrons are there for one of two things, why couldn't the question be voiced to all?

Today I've been talking with my best, about chicks with tattoos. I've come to learn the social stigma against tattoos for the most part is not very apparent in my daily life. Yeah my grandma still cringes when she sees 'em but I work a 9-5 in a semi corporate setting and have plenty of friends doing the same, with beautiful tattoos. But I am still awestruck by the fact that females, with tattoos often get looked at as sluts or easy. It just doesn't make sense to me. A man with a tattoo is fine and tough, and never a whore. This also doesn't give anyone who wants the open invitation to touch me. This is my body, I did decide to make it what I feel better to look at; but keep your damn hands off me. Just because I am the girl with tattoos in the bar, doesn't mean I would go home with you, when the wholesome girl in the pink polo wont.

I really never considered myself a feminist. Over the last 6 months or year, I've found myself more often defending my gender. I'm a strong independent female. It's just kind of strange, that just being that has to be labeled in such a way. Maybe it's the connotation that has always gone with the phrase, that makes me cringe a little (which is a whole other can of worms). Wanting to be looked at equally for many of the things am, I just find it a little silly that I would have to throw that label on myself. Tattooed, female, native, short, whatever else you want to throw in the mix. I've just felt a lack of respect from people around me, that I never really noticed before.

Well that's a lot to digest, and a little more serious then I tend to go on the internets. But hey sometimes you gotta get these things off your back. And my iChat partner in crime is away in a meeting. Damn.

Edit: Another shining example while we're at it. I went to lunch with one of my best friends yesterday, who happens to be a dude. When the bill came it was placed directly in front of him, no where near the middle of the table. It's 2010 who isn't going dutch?

Monday, March 15, 2010


I made this goal (...i totally stole the idea from my friend chelsea....) By the time I turn 30 i want to have seen every state...

Here is where I need to go:



New Hampshire


West Virginia

North Carolina

South Carolina







New Mexico







Most of these will be accomplished by forcing my friends who do live in these states to take road trips with me. So if you live in these places.. oh get ready... I am coming.

If you want to know these states... tell me... if i can visit you in these states tell me.... if you just want to take the best road trip ever tell me...


Sunday, March 14, 2010

return home

So I knew I wouldn't come home from NYC and be all "I want to move there, asap!" I had a ton of fun and kicked it with some of my favorite people, and shopped as much as I could.... Now it is Sunday I've been home for 4 days... and I am still tired.

I did the whole creepy china town black market purse purchase; lets be serious here... this was one of my goals while in New York. I went in a hidden room that was locked behind me upon entry to buy a designer purse way cheap alone, in china town. Awesome.

Somewhere around 500 pictures were taken, that I will like about 20 of to go through that may just grace the page in the coming weeks. And a solid re-cap of the shows.

Right now I am still a the point of everything sinking in. I have no travel planned thus meaning, nothing to be excited about. The weather today is absolutely amazing, meaning I want to buy a book and sit outside.