Friday, April 23, 2010

Sometimes I'm really girly....

One of my biggest personal pet peeves, is chipped nail polish. I am a firm believer in a good manicure. I found myself painting my nails while pumping gas on my way to work this morning, after an evening of helping a friend paint a room last night.

I don't care if you get your nails done at a salon, or if you do them at home yourself, just keep them pretty or don't do it at all. Chipped polish will is not classy. It's been about 9 months since I've changed color at all, I've been a classic red girl for a while now, Essie lollipop. Essie won my heart over, it chips the very least for me and I adore it, it's inexpensive and long lasting what better combination could there be? Being that I've soley done the red thing for a long time now, I decided I needed to branch out, the starting point was a wedding on Saturday. Saturday morning I went to Target to grab a gift card, gift procrastination in full effect... and the allure of the nail shop next door won me over. I went in for a mani, pedi what better excuse to pay to have someone else make me pretty then a wedding to attend. Being this was an unplanned spur of the moment venture... I didn't have my Essie. My #1 rule, if you're getting your nails done in a salon... bring your own polish. The women pulled the thing that makes me fume the most about nail salons, right in front of me - she poured straight acetone into my color choice. Thinning out the polish may have made it go on smoother, but I would rather have picked out a new color then deal with the chipping in two days. Back on track, I choose a sparkly red.. yeah yeah big step I know but this is a tough one for me, adding some gold glitter was about all I could handle without giving myself ample time to prepare. If you know me you know I am a little bit neurotic and would have needed a pep talk to fully delve into a new color selection.

We're sitting at nearly a week later now still rocking (my own) red with some sparkles. Though I've been perusing the internet in search of my next venture into what will most likely be a long time color choice. The starting point was reading what the spring and summer color choices were for 2010... in my opinion most of them sucked - big time. I'm not going with some smurf blue ever, the navy trend a few years back I was into. I've gone through plenty of the black polish phases, so navy was a nice easy sell for me - totally classic. The fluorescent colors some brands are coming out with as "bolds" nu-uh I don't want a rave on my fingernails.

The best collection I found was the Chanel Spring line - Les Impressions de Chanel, a soft pink - Tendresse, a nude - Inattendu, and a gray - Chanel Particluere.I instantly fell in love with Paricluere, and then went about looking for an equivalent in Essie and found Chinchilly.

The experiment, I will hype myself on the idea over I would guess about the next week, and maybe even go purchase both colors this weekend or order them offline - to buy myself some extra time.

Hopefully I can fall in love with one of these colors as I have classic red... fingers crossed!