Friday, July 2, 2010

red rocks amphitheater

This week has been intense.

I can't even describe the concert I saw at red rocks, or the venue itself.
You know when you're experiencing something you know is big? That this moment is something that you will retell, and think about again and again?
Monday I had that moment times ten.

My first time finally seeing tool.
My first time at Red Rocks.
A road trip.

I went to tool at the Xcel last night, and it was something of an encore.
Nothing will ever compare.


  1. I saw Bjork at Red concert experience of my life possibly.
    Lookin' good girl!
    Xo Rah

  2. Yeah I don't think anything will top this one either, it's amazing!

  3. Last night at Xcel was good, but I just can't begin to imagine Red Rocks... wow!!! I love it out west, and I love hearing when other people experience something amazing too!

  4. Red Rocks is sooo beautiful! I seen Incubus there in '04 and it was the most amazing time. Nothing will ever compare. I'm glad you got the pleasure to experience such a beautiful place.